Monday, March 3, 2008

Because I was born with Ovaries

I watch Oprah (when my schedule allows), today was one of those days. I happen to catch Drew Barrymore donating a check for 1 million dollars to The World Food Program. It's a mission that is close to her heart. A mission that she dedicated 2 years of her life to before she became an ambassador. The World Food Program was not impressed by Drew's Celebrity status or her pocket book. But they were impressed by her passion for children and the people in Africa.

We all know that Oprah gives back - for her, Giving Back is the New Platinum. But for you and I and you out there with an extra fifty-dollars in your pocket - you can make a difference for very little.

You all know I prefer to give back face to face, hold hands and lock eyes with the people you are helping. But, sometimes Program's need money. And with this one? It takes VERY little to do a WHOLE lot - One Cent a day, Fifty-Dollars a year can fill a child's cup.

Admittedly, I have a hard time clicking a few buttons on-line a feeling good about giving back. But Ms. Barrymore made a poignant statement on Oprah's show. She said "I know we all like to give locally, but we NEED to give globally too." I agree 100 percent. And I don't quite have the funds to fly my arse to Africa. So I'll be clicking HERE to make a difference.

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