Monday, February 25, 2008

If Yo Yo Ma and Dr. Seuss were to make a baby...

It may grow up to do something along the lines of THIS:

KING FM, the Seattle Classical music station is doing a drive for new or gently used Children's books and Classical Music CD's.

(maybe) Unlike you, I don't have a ton of used Children's Books or Classical Music CD's laying around (if they do a drive for washed up one-hit-wonders, that'd be awesome), but you know who does? Half Priced Books and they run anywhere between $1.50-$3.00/book. And the best part about this entire Book/CD Drive (errr, besides playing a role in expanding the creative horizons of children who may not have otherwise had this opportunity?) - the drop of location. You can drop your book or CD at any Cafe Ladro Locations. And when you do, have a soy latte and GIANT peanut butter cookie for me (they are the nearest thing to heaven we have in this city)

Half Priced Books Locations:

Greenwood: 9241 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle - (206) 297-6820
UDist: 4709 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle - (206) 547-7859
Capitol Hill: 115 Belmont Ave E, Seattle - (206) 267-7777

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