Thursday, January 31, 2008

Serving Food is the Disco Dancing


We had so much fun on Wednesday. There were laughs, high-fives, and lots of stories. The Gentlemen were extremely greatful for a change in cuisine (we had tacos from Taco del Mar severed to order, salad, fruit, vitamin water, and apple and cherry pie).

Nine Lives Willy was there, along with all the other familiar faces. Next time we serve, you should come. We all decided we'd rather be serving on any-given-Wednesday than anywhere in Bell Town on a Friday Night, promise.

Taco's and Ay Ay Ay's,

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Climb or To Dash

Hi All!

I hope this finds you and your 2008 full of fun events and all sorts of good things :)

We've got a Giving Back Dilemma...The St. Patrick's Day Dash and The Stair Climb for Leukemia are on the same day (Sunday March 16th, 2008). I am sure you are with me when you think, "how do I have the MOST fun and make the biggest impact?" Right?

So, here I am testing the waters - What do you all have in mind? I had planned on forming a team for the Climb and doing a fundraising event close to the date of The Climb. And we all know The Dash can be loads of fun and I could create a fundraising event around it.

Have any of you signed up for either? I'd love to have your feed back so together, we can make the biggest impact and have the most fun!

Running Shoes and Sweat Bands,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Going Down for Something Good.

Vertical Express helps benefit the Heuga Center for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) located in Colorado. I know this isn't a local effort, however, we have to wait until September to give big to our Local MS Chapter. And, as most know there is something in what ever we have here in the Pacific Northwest that makes me and you and you over there in the East Side more susceptible to MS (for more info go HERE)

I know LOTS of you head out to Crystal Mountain every weekend. Why not gather 2 other ppl, click here, and let your co-workers know you'll be hitting the slopes for a good cause.

Heck, if you create a team and a profile, I'll donate money myself. Just send me your link at

For Complete info on Vertical Express at Crystal Mountain go HERE

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Serving Opportunity January 30th

Hi All!

I hope at least one of your was out an about in the AMAZING weather we had today. How much do you love this city when the sun is shining? I have a feeling I ran into one or more of you at the Ballard Farmers Market, thanks for saying "hi" :)

On January 30 I'll be spear heading a dinner at the First United Methodist Church on 5th and Columbia. For you non-denomination folks -this church simply lends their basement to the people who run the house, it's got nothing to do with God, but a whole lot to do with love. So, if you like love but stay away form God, this is a good opportunity for you!

We'll be serving food to 45-50 men at 5:30 in the evening. We've got Taco Del Mar doing the catering, so well need at least 6 sets of hands to serve the food. We'll also be putting together snack bags for the men to take to work the next day which will require participation before the 30th. So if you want to take part, but can't make the 30th, you should volunteer for snack bags :)

I have all the supplies that we need. I just need you, and you, and you.

I've had more fun hanging out with these guys on any given Wednesday than I've had on a busy Friday night in Bell Town. If you're in, let me know @

ps- You'll have the chance to meet Nine-Lives-Willy

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Round of Applause... you all! The Blanket and Toiletry Drive was a lovely success. I plan on organizing and dropping off all the goods next weekend. If you have a last minute contribution, let me know, I'll swing by and grab it.

Stay Tuned for more Volunteer Opportunities in January.

Friday, January 4, 2008

UGM Donation Pick-Up This Saturday

If you are participating, first and foremost, thank you! Second, Please let me know. Feel free to send me an email to
Please include:
your name, address, and let me know where you'll stash your donations (preferably somewhere dry). If you would like a receipt for your donation, please include the amount of your donation and a SASE so I can send you your receipt.

Oh, also let me know if you'll be home. My puppy and I will come in and thank you personally :)