Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To Climb or To Dash

Hi All!

I hope this finds you and your 2008 full of fun events and all sorts of good things :)

We've got a Giving Back Dilemma...The St. Patrick's Day Dash and The Stair Climb for Leukemia are on the same day (Sunday March 16th, 2008). I am sure you are with me when you think, "how do I have the MOST fun and make the biggest impact?" Right?

So, here I am testing the waters - What do you all have in mind? I had planned on forming a team for the Climb and doing a fundraising event close to the date of The Climb. And we all know The Dash can be loads of fun and I could create a fundraising event around it.

Have any of you signed up for either? I'd love to have your feed back so together, we can make the biggest impact and have the most fun!

Running Shoes and Sweat Bands,


miss lisa said...

I signed up for The Climb! I would love to form a group. I'd like to have a start time later rather than early because I'll be attending the
Presidents concert the night before...

Brooke said...

I signed up for the dash. My sixth year participating and our first date, er, chance encounter.

Becky said...

I'm in for either... haven't made any commitments as of yet. :)

Amanda Mae said...

Brooke! We'll be sad without you - but we can run to the beer garden and drink with you after the dash!

Lisa- We are in for the Climb - Look for an email early next week from team Giving Back is the New Black - We'd LOVE to have your legs on our squad!!

Ready! Set! Climb!