Sunday, December 30, 2007

Nine-lives willy

The other day I had the chance to serve food to the men who live in the basement of the First United Methodist Church on 5th and Columbia. John, a dear family friend holds a server there once a month and has done so for the past year and a half. John is a non-denominational man of service. He lives solely for the purpose of making a difference. He lends is time, his money, his heart and soul to giving back, making friends, learning stories and touching hearts. And, if you met him, you'd never know he;s a man of great wealth who spends a majority of his earnings on the people in this City.

I digress, I had the chance to serve and eat and spend time with these gentlemen who live part time in the basement of the Church. I got to talking to a man named Willie. He had some serious stories to share, and was relentless in making sure his voice was heard. Willie's a guy who used to own a cab company in the mid 80's and has better stories than a bar back at Studio 54 circa 1975. And for the week of Dec 12-18, Willie was the Vendor of the week for the Real Change Newspaper. I'm not sure where he sells, but maybe you can ask him in person....

If you'd like to meet Willie, let me know.I'll be running an event at the First United Methodist Church on Jan 30th. I'd love to have you and I know the men would love to swap stories.

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