Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Made it!


The GBNB team rocked the climb. Not only did we come at it with good spirits and a Gucci Hobo bag FULL of donations - we had Borat, a go-go dancer, a doctor and four other amazingly inspiring climbers!

The top tier of our team climbed in 15 min. The rest of us followed 3-4 minutes behind.

All in all the event was a success (we raised some serious dough, had a great time, and introduced people to new people who are now their own group of people).

GBNB is planning more "Get your ass in shape for a good cause" event for the future.

A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who donated on my behalf and to all of you who donated to the team. It sounds cheesy, but it's totally true - We worked hard because you shelled out. THANK YOU!

Here are a few photos. As soon as I retrace my steps and find my camera - we'll have more group shots and shots of group shots after the climb (we joined the stragglers form The Dash at Fado's for Whiskey, Rubens, Beer, and Butt Guitar)


Brooke said...

Mad props to the team GBNB! :)

Anonymous said...

that was awesome! Thanks for helping organize all of us monkeys!