Monday, March 10, 2008

One Step at a Time

We have decided to climb. The team name is Giving Back is the New Black. Email mail me at for the password. We'd love to have you all and haul your ass up a little over 1,300 stairs. And when we're all done, we can high five and hug and then go brag to our friends that we are 1,300 steps ahead of them for Bikini Season and have earned 1,300 new points with Karma.

We are fundraising like crazy. If you join the team, I ask you do your best to harass your co workers and family for at least $150.00 on your behalf. My personal goal? 500.00. I love a challenge so if you can beat me, I'll take you out to dinner. Promise.

And if you'd like to donate on my behalf, follow this link below. And if you do, I'll promise to think of you every step of the way.


Seattle, this week will be dedicated to Leukemia Fundraising and finding new volunteer opps in out city. I am on the phone and connected to email all week talking with coordinators, VP's, and other volunteers to find out what our city needs. And I promise to make sure the events, organizations and causes are varied.

Stay tuned. If you like Spring Cleaning, Babies, the Elderly, Animals, the Environment and in general have a brave and kind heart - you'll like what I'm putting together.


mandy hoover said...

Amanda! I tried becoming part of your team but it wouldn't let me... i think it may be operator error! anyhoo, a coworker and i have a start time of 11.30 (meaning i'll be at the top by 4pm!! hahah) so hopefully i'll get to see all you crazy cats there! yay for the climb, so much fun!

Amanda Mae said...

Oh! that is too bad. I can have you added if you'd like. Just let me know.

If not, we will def see you at the top or in the beer garden!!